Casey Wasserman

Class of 1996

Giving back is his game plan.

Los Angeles business and civic leader Casey Wasserman is a new breed of philanthropist who brings a global perspective and holistic approach to giving. As CEO of the Wasserman Media Group, Casey understands the importance of peak performance. He believes that healthy minds, healthy bodies and an optimistic outlook make for a thriving society. As President and CEO of the Wasserman Foundation, he has seen firsthand how private support can be a game changer for individuals and communities. And he is one of the leaders of LA2024, the effort to bring the 2024 Summer Olympics to Southern California. In his role as a civic leader, he works to provide access to education for all. And as a Bruin, he partners with UCLA on a wide range of university initiatives from athletics to health to education. He knows that we all win when everyone has a fair shot at success.

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Casey Wasserman

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