Bill Walton

Class of 1974

In the face of every obstacle, he stood tall.

On the court or on camera, Bill Walton didn’t just achieve excellence. He reinvented it. He did not lose a basketball game for almost five years, from the middle of his junior year of high school to the middle of his senior year in college. He is one of only four players in the history of basketball to have won multiple NCAA and NBA Championships, including two glorious undefeated seasons and NCAA championships at UCLA. As a professional, Walton also won National Basketball Association titles with Portland and Boston and was named one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players of all time. Multiple Emmy Award-winner and named one of the top 50 sports broadcasters of all time. And, delightfully, the inaugural inductee into the Grateful Dead Hall of Honor. All while battling and beating a stutter, an extraordinary string of injuries–and anything else that got in Bill Walton’s way.

What will you rise above?

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Bill Walton

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