George Takei

Class of 1960, MA 1964

He proved that no barrier is too high to overcome.

If you ever find yourself traveling between Mars and Jupiter, you might see asteroid 7307 Takei, named for the actor who played the helmsman of the U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek and whose star has blazed bright in Hollywood for more than five decades. The role of Mr. Sulu made George Takei famous but his career spans over 40 feature films and hundreds of TV guest-starring roles, and his voice has narrated countless works of art and music. George, whose family was interned with other Japanese-Americans in World War II, is a tireless fighter for Asian-American issues and one of the most visible proponents of gay rights in the country. George and his husband Brad made TV history in 2009 when they became the first gay couple to appear on “The Newlywed Game.” They won–and donated the $10,000 prize to the Japanese American National Museum.

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George Takei

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