Shirley Wang

Class of 1990

She believes doing good knows no borders.

Clean water in Africa. Sanitation systems in Thailand. An Outward Bound Center for underprivileged youth in New York. Emergency relief blankets for Syrian refugees in Jordan. Even an Academy Award-winning documentary about AIDS in China. For UCLA Foundation Chair Shirley Wang, philanthropy is planetary. Especially support for education, a point of emphasis for this much admired entrepreneur. In World War II, she says, her parents “saw that everything could be taken away, but education is something you can take with you wherever you go.” One of Wang’s first major gifts to UCLA was an endowment to send teachers to China, promoting communication and understanding across cultures. With her husband Walter, she created the nation’s first endowed academic chair on U.S.- China relations and Chinese American studies at UCLA. And as Board Chair of The UCLA Foundation and a leader of the university’s Centennial Campaign, Wang has already donated $1 million to new scholarships for middle-income families and students studying abroad. “What I really hope is that young people don’t see a ceiling, whether glass or bamboo,” says Shirley Wang. “You can be whatever you can possibly be.”

What will be your enduring gift?

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Shirley Wang

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