Todd Presner

Professor of Germanic Languages, Comparative Literature & Jewish Studies

For some, history is not in the books.

Humanities Associate Professor Todd Presner is redefining the way we assimilate culture and history by adding an interactive spin on a usually static subject. His Hypercities project is a research and educational platform that provides users with an immersive, 3D experience to explore the streets, buildings and landscapes of cities from the present day to how they existed hundreds of years in the past. In doing so, Presner fused geospatial web applications, digital publications, temporality, GIS and technical media–pioneering the digital humanities. He’s also the first professor to provide an interactive, hypermedia educational environment–earning him a MacArthur prize for “digital media and learning,” as well as becoming the first recipient of a Google Digital Humanities Research Award.

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Todd Presner

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