Nathan Myhrvold

Class of 1979, MS 1979

Of all his patents he's best at reinventing himself.

Before Nathan Myhrvold went on to be a key player in the formation of Microsoft, where he served as Chief Technology Officer, he attended UCLA and earned a BS in mathematics and a MS in geophysics and space physics by age 19. Here he honed his ability to go beyond conventions. Myhrvold went on to co-found Intellectual Ventures, a company that approaches world problems in ways never before imagined–like automated lasers that shoot mosquitos out of the air to prevent the spread of malaria. He’s also: a prize-winning nature photographer; modernist chef; James Beard Award-winning author; a searcher for intelligent extra-terrestrial life; a World BBQ Champion; a paleontologist and a volcano explorer. Myhrvold is living proof that a great biography should have more than one title.

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Nathan Myhrvold

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