Darnell Hunt

M.A. 1991, Ph.D. 1994
Dean of the Division of Social Sciences


Why is Hollywood so white? And what does this mean for a nation in which minorities will soon be the majority? These are the subjects that sociologist Darnell Hunt has helped place on society’s front burner. Hunt, one of the nation’s leading resources for scholarship on racial issues, is co-author of the annual Hollywood Diversity Report, which tracks the so-far dismal state of inclusivity in film and television as well as online. The report generates massive interest from the media every year and is a must-read in media and entertainment company boardrooms. Hunt’s research was the first to find that the more diverse a cast is, the better box office a movie makes and the higher the rating a TV show receives. “The industry is not becoming more diverse as quickly as America is,” Hunt says. “Something dramatic has to be done if the industry is ever going to catch up to where America is and where it’s going.”

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Darnell Hunt

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