Greg Ginn

Class of 1975


As the founder, guitarist and driving influence behind Black Flag, Greg Ginn defined the West Coast Punk sound. Ginn came to UCLA in 1971 and found a place where ideas, no matter how radical, were given a platform. This openness to non-conformity perhaps played a role in the band’s unique brand of angst-delivering thought-provoking messages in musical arrangements that incorporated elements of heavy metal, freestyles, jazz, breakbeat and classical music. Given few opportunities to perform in Southern California, Ginn worked tirelessly to organize the band’s own gigs and arrange appearances. With his brother and fellow UCLA alum, Raymond Pettibon, they created the band’s iconography and promotion techniques, making them pioneers in the underground DIY punk movement. Since the band’s breakup, Ginn formed his own label and has produced such bands as Meat Puppets, Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth.

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Greg Ginn

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