Andrea Ghez

Professor of Astronomy and Physics

She goes where no man has gone before.

Sitting atop Hawaii’s dormant Mauna Kea volcano, the Keck Observatory has been Astronomy Professor Andrea Ghez’s laboratory since 1995. She studies the rotational center of the Milky Way and the movement of hundreds of stars near its galactic center. Ghez took the first clear photo of the Milky Way, leading to the discovery of a supermassive black hole at its center and redefining our understanding of how galaxies form.</p><p>Ghez’s work has earned her a MacArthur Fellowship, the Crafoord Prize from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Bakerian Medal from Britain’s Royal Society. Her TEDGlobal talk has drawn an audience of more than half a million online viewers.

How will you make the stars align?

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Andrea Ghez

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