Ally Courtnall

UCLA 2011-2015

She came running when her team needed her.

Ally Courtnall is no rookie when it comes to making tough decisions. She was a talented four-sport athlete in high school, but she ultimately had to focus when she came to UCLA. She chose track and soccer, and for two years, the dual citizen of the U.S. and Canada balanced the rigors of both sports with life and academics. But then it came time to make another tough call and she said goodbye to soccer. That is, until new coach Amanda Cromwell asked Ally how she would feel if the team won a championship without her. Driven by the desire to win, she rejoined the team partway into the season and immediately made an impact. When the Bruins won the NCAA national championship on a cold afternoon in December 2013, Ally was more than just a face in the crowd. She was voted the College Cup’s Most Outstanding Defensive Player.

How hard will you work to win?

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Ally Courtnall

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