Judy Baca

She brings history to life.

At more than half a mile, the Great Wall of Los Angeles is one of the longest murals in the world. Designed by Judy Baca in 1976, the mural tells the history of Los Angeles, emphasizing the city’s diverse heritage. More than 400 artists and youth volunteers worked with Baca over five years to execute the mural. But Baca’s impact extends even beyond the murals she creates. She also empowers others to tell their own stories using the muralist’s tools. Her UCLA class, “Beyond the Mexican Mural,” is an example: UCLA students work with sixth-graders to create powerful self-portraits. The Digital Mural Lab at UCLA puts cutting-edge technology at the service of community artists, because no one knows better than Judy Baca that murals can both record a community’s experience and illuminate it.

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Judy Baca

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